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My name is Flo LaBrado. I am passionate about people discovering and realizing their goals and working in a healthy workplace. I enjoy creating space for people to develop leadership, careers, and healthy ways of working. I believe that integrity to one’s values, strengths, and work preferences is essential to leadership and career development and that teamwork and organizational health are integral to high performance.  

I enjoy a long career in the corporate setting, including customer experience, technology, and leadership. The most rewarding parts of my corporate work are one-on-one coaching and team development for a healthy workplace. This work aligns well with my personal values of love, respect, and openness. 

In addition to my experience in organizations, my credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management, with a focus on Organizational Development. I also have certifications in innovative change, inclusive leadership, ethical leadership, Trust at Work®, and Dare to Lead.

I would love to learn about your aspirations and to co-create with you along your journey to achieving your leadership and career development goals. Let’s connect! 

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