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A plant and the name of Olive & Grace Leadership Coaching

Olive & Grace Leadership Coaching

By Flo LaBrado

I help people stretch and achieve their leadership and career development goals with confidence and integrity.

Discover. Explore. Grow. Achieve.


In a space that is free of judgment, I will support you as you courageously discover and explore your creativity and potential.

I'd love to join you as you develop grounded confidence, grow, and create the journey to reach your aspirations with integrity to what you value most.

Are you curious about making a greater impact?

Flo's patient, inquisitive approach led to me coming to the realization that there was really only one clear choice that would align with my personal values and career pathing aspirations. Three months later, I couldn't be happier with my new gig.

- Career Development Client


Leadership Development

Career Development

Teamwork & Organizational Health

  • Develop effective leadership skills 

  • Enhance communication and influence  

  • Identify and use sources of power for good 

  • Adaptability to lead through change, uncertainty, and complexity 

  • Cultivate a growth mindset 

  • Transition from management to leadership 

  • Leading in-person, remote, and hybrid teams 

  • Develop grounded confidence

  • Discover and clarify personal values, strengths, and work preferences 

  • Ownership of skills, experience, and abilities 

  • Personal branding 

  • Job exploration and transitions

  • Work and life harmony 

  • Craft career plans 

  • Cultivate trust, collaboration and cohesiveness 

  • Enhance team performance and work-life

  • Define and foster team culture 

  • Align team culture with organizational strategy  

    • Goal clarity 

    • Task structure 

    • Group composition 

    • Team functioning 

    • Performance norms 

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